No Bake Yogurt & Fig Cheesecake

This recipe is great for those days when you are craving for a delicious cheesecake slice, but are too lazy to turn your oven on and don't want to eat all the calories of a day in one bite.

Yogurt is a great substitute for cream, mayonnaise and other high- fat dairy products. This recipe calls for yogurt instead of cream cheese and sour cream (which are main ingredients in most commonly known cheesecake recipes). Of course we will be using some heavy cream (we couldn't skip all of 'the good stuff'), but we will be reducing at least half of the calories and fat that you'd find in a regular cheesecake (which btw, is delicious and I love).

For the sweet part. I really like the taste of natural yogurt by itself, this is why I didn't use a sweetened one, but you can do it if you want to. The recipe already calls for a little amount of sugar, which you can also substitute with honey (if you're going all the healthy way). But I must say that if you don't like this 'natural- healthy' flavor, the sugar amount in this recipe will definitely be too little for you, and I really recommend that you double it or add as much as you like (or need).

For a more even and finer cookie base, ground your cookies. When you just crumble them, the base comes out lumpy and breaks easily. Melt your butter and press together until the base of your form is completely and evenly coated. 

This recipe calls for  12 grams of gelatin for a firm texture. Personally, I like this cake consistency really creamy, so I reduce it to 9 to 10 grams. The problem with gelatin is, if you use too little then your cake won't set, but if you use too much then it looses creaminess and sometimes you get a strong taste of gelatin (not nice).

On a saucepan bring your milk to a boil, then turn heat off and incorporate your gelatin until completely melted and smooth. You really need to make sure the gelatin is fully incorporated or else your cake won't set and the consistency will be lumpy.

After the milk- gelatin mix is ready, incorporate with the yogurt mixture, just folding it together with a spatula, then pour evenly on top of the cookie base and refrigerate for at least 3 hours or until completely set and firm. At this point your cake will be ready.

For the fig sauce, you'll need around 5 fresh figs. 

I like to peel my figs for a smoother consistency but you can leave the skin on.

Process in your food processor or purify them in your blender. I then take this puree to a small saucepan, add some tablespoons of sugar and cook it until a thicker sauce is formed. Then I finish with some lemon drops to enhance the flavor. 

Decorate with some fresh fig slices on top. And there you go:

Isn't that pretty? 

I hope you enjoy it and give it a try and remember that you don't need chef skills to eat delicious and healthy. Let me know how this recipe worked for you!


Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Refrigeration Time:3 to 4 hours

 For the cookie crust:

250 g.  graham or oat cookies
160 g.  butter

For the filling:

2 cups  natural yogurt
1 1/4 cups  heavy cream
6 tbsp  milk
9 to 10 g.  gelatin (I used gelatin powder)
3 to 4 tbsp  sugar

For the fig sauce:

5  fresh figs
2 tbsp  sugar
1 tsp  lemon juice
*1 or 2 fresh figs more for decoration


1. Ground the cookies until smooth. Melt the butter and incorporate to the cookies. Press with your fingers until covering the base of a cheesecake form. Reserve.
2. Add 2 tbsp of the milk and mix with the gelatin powder. On a saucepan, heat the 4 remaining milk tbsp (about 1/4 cup) until it begins to boil. Turn heat off and incorporate the gelatin mixture. Mix until completely incorporated and no gelatin lumps are left.
3. In a bowl, mix yogurt, heavy cream and sugar. Beat until incorporated and fluffy. Add slowly the milk- gelatin mixture and stir until just incorporated. Pour mixture on top of the cookie crust and refrigerate for at least 3 hours or until firm.
4. Peel the figs and puree them. On a saucepan, heat the puree and add the sugar. Cook for about 5 minutes at medium high or until a thicker consistency is formed. Finish with some lemon drops to enhance the flavor.
5. Pour the sauce on top of the cheesecake and decorate with fresh figs. Enjoy! :)
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  1. Liebe Mariana,
    das ist sicher auch ein richtig tolles Dessert für Weihnachten, was meinst du? Liebste Grüße von Martina

  2. Liebe Mariana,
    Hört sich wirklich gut an, Martinas Idee mit dem Dessert für Weihnachten ist die perfekte Idee dazu -
    liebe Grüße

  3. I miss youuu, I miss Köln, I miss your cooking! Hahaha, I'm curious to see the Christmas stuff you're going to cook! Lots of kisses

  4. Liebe Mariana,
    Das Rezept möchte ich mal ausprobieren, denn es scheint nicht nur gut zu schmecken sondern ist auch ein toller Blickfang.
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